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European Standards for PPE

NEW EN388:2016

There are 4 main areas which are changed.
Any sample tested for cut resistance using the existing coup method, which blunts the blade used in the test, will have to be additionally tested using the ISO cut method.

There will be 6 cut levels defined on the ISO cut method.
Levels A, B and C are new.
Level D is a different value from level previous quoted as Level 4.
Level E is the same value previously quoted as Level 5.   
Level F is also new and is the highest cut resistance value.

Back of hand protection (impact protection testing) is now included

EN407 Protective gloves against thermal risks ( heat and /or fire )

This diagram details the testing categories for BS EN407: 2004. A tested item is given a performance rating of 1 to 4 (lowest to highest) on some or all of the listed categories.
Frequently an 'x' will replace one or more of the numbers, this means that the corresponding test was not performed.
The’Chemical resistant’ glove pictogram must be accompanied by a 3-digit code. This code refers to the code letters of 3 chemicals( from list of 12 standard defined chemicals), for which a breakthrough time of at least 30 minutes has be obtained.

    A:  Methanol
    B:  Acetone
    C:  Acetonitrile
    D:  Dichloromethane
    E:  Carbon disulphide
    F:  Toluene
    G: Diethylamine
    H:  Tetrahydrofurane
     I:  Ethyl acetate
    J:  n-heptane
    K:  Sodium hydroxide 40%
    L:  Sulphuric acid 96%


EN420 - General requirements on protective gloves
This standard defines the general requirements and relevant test procedures for all protective gloves and is concerned with the following areas:
Gloves design and construction
Resistance of gloves materials to water penetration
Confort and efficiency
Marking and information supplied by the manufacturer 


This diagram details the testing categories for BS EN511:1994 . A tested item is given a performance rating of 1 to 4 ( lowest to highest) some or all of the listed categories.
Water Impermeability is an exception in this case.
As this test is pass/ fail - ‘1’ signifies a pass. Frequently an ‘X’ will replace one or more of the numbers. This means that the corresponding test was not performed.


Better gloves for Winter Work

During cold winter season, it's necessory to wear winter work glove to protect worker's hand in low temperature situation.

The frozen season has passed, and now a lot of construction projects have begun to formally enter the construction phase, during the busy period, workers need to pay attention to protect theirs hands.
The importance is that normal winter gloves is too thick , neither comfortable, nor flexible.  Lots of workers want a soft winter work glove, which keeps hands be warm in low temperature, and be flexible and soft. HEMAI Glove already solved the problem. A soft and warm glove for winter already come out.
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